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T-Mobile puts iPhone 5 on preorder

Mobile phone operator T-Mobile, which is now part of Everything Everywhere, will offer the iPhone 5 on contracts starting from as little as £36 per month with the cost of the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models costing £109, £219 and £269 respectively.

The plan includes 2000 minutes plus unlimited T-Mobile calls, unlimited texts and unlimited internet for a total cost of ownership of £973. If that’s not enough, you can always upgrade to the £41 package which includes unlimited everything plus discounts varying between £50 and £70 on the iPhone 5 upfront fee.

As for the two other plans, £46 and £61, we’re unsure about their pertinence given that like the £41 Full Monty Plan, they come with unlimited everything. The only real difference is the upfront cost for the phone. But surely, you wouldn’t want to switch from a £41 to a £61 monthly contract (worth £480 over the duration of the contract) to save £30 on your upfront fee.

Note that the bundle doesn’t include Wi-Fi and the unlimited internet bundle doesn’t include tethering. T-Mobile also has a nifty four-point plan to get 4G. Grab the phone, check where 4G can be used when EE launch, sign up to the new EE plan of your choice and get a new nano SIM.

Source: T-Mobile

You can win an iPhone 5 in our iPhone 5 competition by answering a simple question about what generation the Phone 5 is. ITProPortal reported live on Apple’s announcement. Other than the iPhone 5, we saw new iPod devices but no cheaper version of the iPhone 4S, an iPad mini and potentially a 13in Macbook Pro with Retina Display.