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Today's Tech: iPhone 5 is all about iOS 6, Bose pushes out first Apple AirPlay speakers, and iPod Touch hands-on

The fallout from Apple's blockbuster launch continued Friday, with the iPhone 5 continuing to captivate the tech world for a third consecutive day. Apparently, a majority of consumers have been left disappointed by the iconic US firm's latest handset, but according to leading mobile analyst Sascha Segan, people who diss the new iPhone just don't get it. He argues - quite convincingly we might add – that it's not about the device offering a killer feature, or even boasting awesome hardware. Instead, it's about the entire Apple mobile ecosystem, focused around the iPhone 5 but ultimately built on iOS.

Indeed, Segan not only managed to mount a spirited defence of Apple's latest handset, but also found time to get hands-on with another iOS device, the comparatively unheralded iPod Touch. In other Apple news, ITProPortal took a closer look at the iPhone 5's flagship accessory, the shrunken Lightning port, earlier today. Many consumers have voiced concerns about the redesign necessitating an extensive and expensive accessory overhaul, but what's the reality? Slightly more complex than a straight-up spec comparison between the iPhone 5 and the HTC One X – hefty price tag aside, Apple's new device is clearly superior, due in no small part to its 4G LTE support.

Bose this week added a pair of new wireless speakers to its SoundLink line. The Bose SoundLink Bluetooth II mobile speaker is the company's first AirPlay speaker, and is of particular interest after a certain smartphone was announced on Wednesday. The SoundLink Air uses a Wi-Fi network capable of playing music from an iOS device, or a computer with iTunes, through Apple's AirPlay system.

Elsewhere, Pinterest users just to want to have fun, giggle at photos of cats in sticky situations, and show off their latest home cooking adventures, right? Unfortunately for innocent image-sharers, a new spam assault on the social pinboard has compromised the popular site by infiltrating users' adjoining networks, with breached Pinterest accounts now pushing spam on to Facebook and Twitter. The scam was reported by security experts Sophos earlier in the week, though the firm has not yet identified the origin of the attack, so stay tuned – or better still, make for Will Dalton's latest security round up, also published today.

Finally, patent law enthusiasts slightly miffed by the fact that Apple appears to be back to making products need not fret, as corporate giants Walmart, Facebook, and Walt Disney make up a motley new trio accused of intellectual copyright violations. Eolas Technologies and the Regents of the University of California filed suit against the firms on Wednesday, alleging unfair use of four patents for interactive technologies, including hypermedia display and interaction, which were issued to the university and licensed to Texas-based Eolas. Who needs after-work drinks and the weekend when the world of business litigation is that exciting?