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Vodafone to include VoIP allowance for iPhone 5

Mobile phone operator Vodafone has confirmed that it will allow iPhone 5 users on its Vodafone Red plans to make VoIP calls, meaning that Facetime over 3G, Skype, Rebtel and other VoIP traffic will not be prohibited.

Vodafone confirmed via an email that “The iPhone 5 will be available on Vodafone Red plans, giving customers access to Voice over IP services (including Facetime over 3G) as part of their data allowance.”

Interestingly, existing iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S customers on monthly price plans of more than £40 will get VoIP included. The Red plan also includes unlimited texts and minutes - perhaps a sign of things to come.

Alternatively, Vodafone adds, customers will be able to purchase additional data (£10 per month for 2GB) access VoIP, a move probably intended to encourage users to switch from the cheaper “100 plan” to the Red Plan.

Expect other service providers like O2 and EE to relax rules on VoIP on their networks. As for Three, the mobile phone operator has historically been VoIP-friendly, having allowed Skype and MSN to run free on its network for years.

Vodafone’s tariffs were unveiled this morning and start from £47 per month with a free iPhone 5.

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