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Apple iPhone 5 pre-orders now sold out

After opening up pre-orders for the iPhone 5 early Friday morning, Apple apparently sold out of its initial inventory in just one hour.

The Cupertino, California tech giant began accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5 on its website shortly after midnight on Friday. An hour after the madness began, the company sold out of its initial pre-order stock, and shipping times were pushed back from the expected launch day on 21 September.

Pre-orders placed now through the UK online Apple Store are scheduled to ship in two to three weeks, and a similar delay is being reported in the US.

Some of those who tried to pre-order the device were left disappointed. The massive amount of people vying for the iPhone 5 had apparently overwhelmed the store's servers, causing some visitors to be met with a "We'll be back" notice.

Customers can try pre-ordering the phone through their wireless carrier. As of this morning, UK network providers appeared to be hedging their bets about potential shipping delays. Orange said that, "We'll aim to get your new phone to you as soon as it is in stock," while Vodafone claimed the iPhone 5, "...will be sent out on a first-come, first-served basis after the launch date."

Alongside the carriers and Apple itself, retailer Carphone Warehouse is also accepting pre-orders for the latest iPhone, and you might be able to get a hold of it there. The high street mobile merchant is still listing expected iPhone 5 delivery as in line with the 21 September release date.

Those who really want a new iPhone as soon as possible, of course, can go to a physical Apple store and brave the line. But you better get ready to camp out.

Apple launches are known to draw long queues, in some cases stretching around city blocks, as hordes of eager Apple fans look to be one of the first to emerge from an Apple Store with the latest iPhone or iPad. Campers have already been reported to be lining the pavement outside the firm's flagship London outlet.

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