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IPv4 addresses running out warns Internet Registry

RIPE NCC, the regional internet registry for Europe, Middle East and parts of Central Asia, has announced that the last batch of IPv4 address space has been released days before its projected date, 19 September.

The so-called /8 IPv4 blocks will be distributed to Local Internet Registries, which is equivalent to less than 17 million addresses.

According to Axel Pawlik, managing director of the RIPE NCC and regular ITProPortal blogger, “The limitations of the pool of IPv4 address space became clear over time, and in the last few years we have been monitoring supplies closely, preparing ourselves and all stakeholders for the next stage of the internet. Reaching the last /8 underlines the importance of IPv6 deployment, which is vital to the future growth of the internet.”

IPv6 is hailed as the only way forward by Pawlik who adds “IPv6 vastly increases the amount of address space, helping to enable an exciting turning point in society as internet connected devices become increasingly more sophisticated and commonplace.”

On the World IPv6 day, the 6 June this year, a number of top web companies, Microsoft, Youtube, Google and Yahoo adopted the protocol which will allow significantly more addresses to be doled out, as it has an addressable space of 128-bit rather than 32-bit.

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