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Cloud adoption accelerates with first time users up 27%

The once intimidating concept of cloud computing is becoming increasingly mainstream, with new research showing an acceleration in its rate of adoption among businesses.

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), a body promoting “trust, security, and transparency within the sector”, says the last nine months have seen a sharp increase in cloud implementation, aided by a 27 per cent rise in first time users.

According to the CIF’s sample, larger private sector firms lead the way with 68 per cent using cloud services, but public sector organisations are no longer too far behind, with usage increasing to 62 per cent. These statistics were part of a broader trend that showed there is no particular sector or organisational size not engaged with the cloud, and CIF thus predicts that 75 per cent of UK businesses will be using at least one cloud service by the end of 2013.

Andy Burton, chair of CIF, comments that, “The market is clearly moving out of a nascent state into mainstream adoption”, and says the industry now needs to focus on “integrating cloud within the wider IT agenda”.

A high 92 per cent of respondents said they were satisfied with their cloud experience to date. Flexibility is the primary advantage cited by users at 71 per cent, while 66 per cent say cost savings is the main driver behind their cloud usage.

“It is also worth noting that 59 per cent of users claimed to have conducted a pilot/trial before contracting formally for the service,” adds Burton. “Cloud Service Providers (CSP’s) should therefore ensure that such capabilities are made available within their go-to-market strategy in order to demonstrate transparency of practice and capability, which in turn assists the establishment of trust between the end customer and the CSP.”