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MasterCard release PayPass UI SDK to developers

MasterCard on Monday released its Mobile MasterCard PayPass user interface software development kit (UI SDK) for the Android and BlackBerry operating systems.

MasterCard has opened its network to issuers, mobile network operators, and third-party developers to build new apps for the PayPass programme.

"Our first-ever UI SDK provides smart tools and makes it easier for our partners to issue a complete contactless payment solution on mobile," Mobile at MasterCard executive Mung Ki Woo said in a statement.

Formerly, the PayPass SDK required special skills to develop applications for use with the NFC capabilities in phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X. Now, the credit card company is providing programmer-friendly options to make it easier for developers to create payment apps for customers.

More than 70 NFC-equipped phones have already been approved by MasterCard as Mobile PayPass-compatible devices, according to the company.

"Consumers are gaining comfort and familiarity with mobile and contactless payments, requiring the financial institutions and mobile network operators that offer these services to ensure a consistent and positive experience," Woo said.

More than a year ago, MasterCard blogged about making mobile payment a mainstream option, saying in June 2011 that "the industry is ready to break out – and consumers are ready for it."

MasterCard's toolkit carries everything software developers need to build a payment solution, including API code libraries, API specification documentation, a developer guide, sample UI application code, white-label reference UI application, and a test suite to ensure compliance and test apps.

With those tools, developers can integrate PayPass into a mobile banking or wallet application, and follow a streamlined approval process to greenlight their app, according to MasterCard.

The Mobile PayPass UI SDK is available now via the PayPass website.