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Tesco Mobile publishes iPhone 5 tariff

Tesco Mobile has become the latest mobile phone network in the UK to unveil its iPhone 5 tariff table, with 15 offers. Unsurprisingly, the announcement was made after O2, as Tesco Mobile is an O2 MVNO.

This didn’t prevent it from grabbing the cheapest TCO for an iPhone 5 (opens in new tab) overall (albeit on a 12-month contract), at £760, that’s £400 upfront fee for the phone – more than 75 per cent of the price of the phone itself - and £30 per month. You get 500 minutes, 5,000 texts and 1GB of data. A better 12-month deal is possibly the one with £300 upfront fee and £40 monthly outlay, that’s a TCO of £780, marginally more than the £30 contract and one that gives you 50 per cent more minutes.

The MVNO’s 24-month contract is a bit trickier to decipher; there are three offers for each version of the iPhone. With a TCO of £900, an upfront fee of £300 and only £25 upfront fee, the cheapest package is also the best with 1,500 minutes, 5,000 texts and 1GB of data. Oddly enough, pay £50 upfront fee and £45 per month and you end up not only paying a much higher TCO but also get a third of the inclusive minutes.

(opens in new tab)Note that, as for O2, the deal doesn’t come with inclusive Wi-Fi data allowance or tethering. Also unlike O2, Tesco doesn’t do unlimited packages.

Check our list of iPhone 5 contracts that details all the 86 tariffs currently available in the UK. (opens in new tab) You can win an iPhone 5 in our iPhone 5 competition (opens in new tab) by answering a simple question about what generation the Phone 5 is. Check ITProPortal live (opens in new tab) report on Apple’s announcement. Other than the iPhone 5 (opens in new tab), we saw new iPod devices (opens in new tab) but no cheaper version of the iPhone 4S (opens in new tab), an iPad mini (opens in new tab) and potentially a 13in Macbook Pro with Retina Display (opens in new tab).

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