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Best iPhone 5 SIM-only deal ever: £15 per month, unlimited everything on T-Mobile

Chitter Chatter is a reputable T-Mobile only retailer and is also the company that is selling UK’s best SIM only plan, not only for the iPhone 5 but also for other phones.

The retailer sells an iPhone 5 Nano SIM on a 12-month contract for a mere £15 per month (that’s a total cost of ownership of only £180), less than half the £31 you’d be charged by T-Mobile should you go direct.

You get unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data. The downsides to the contract are that you can’t do data tethering - you will be able to make VoIP calls though - and the fact that it's a 'cash back price plan'. This means you'll have to pay the full contracted amount of £21 per month up front and then sign up to Chitter Chatter's prepaid Visa card in order for it to repay your extra £6/month (in the form of a top-up to that card).

The iPhone 5 was launched on 12 September and has sold more than two million units in the first 24 hours of sale.

Oddly enough, the Nano SIM option is even cheaper than the normal SIM option by 50p. Note that the link to the deal is available on the left hand side of the page below.

Source: Chitter Chatter

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