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BullGuard launches new Internet Security 2013 software

Security software firm BullGuard has announced the launch of its brand new Internet Security 2013 package, which is available to download today – for free, if you are an existing customer.

BullGuard, which was founded in Denmark but is based in the UK, claims its latest software “can handle more than just the bare essentials” and touts a range of improvements to the program.

The interface has been made cleaner and simpler, while virus catch rates have been boosted by a defence system combining behavioural and signature-based detection. Parental controls are extensive, too. Instant messaging chat applications can be blocked as well as websites, while parents can set how much time a child can spend online or on the computer per day in hourly increments.

Internet Security 2013 also offers a free PC tune-up feature, which frees up space on your computer by removing unused registry entries, thus helping your PC run at top speed.

The software, priced at £44.95 for new customers (covering three PCs for one year), comes with a free 5GB of online backup, helping you keep important data, photos, music and other files safe. The backup can also be controlled directly through program folders, so you don’t have to open up the BullGuard software interface itself each time.

"The improvements and additions to BullGuard Internet Security reflect consumer demand to feel well protected when using their computer for any number of tasks,” says BullGuard COO, Mike Hodges. “We always focus on ensuring that our software offers fast, unobtrusive performance while remaining easy to use and offering more subtle control if required. Internet Security 2013 builds on all of these areas, as well as providing a range of associated tools, functionality and customer service that makes it one of the most comprehensive and user friendly internet security suites on the market."

BullGuard Internet Security is available to download today from