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Dice Holdings acquires Geeknet, grabs Slashdot & Sourceforge

Dice Holdings has announced that it has acquired Geeknet’s online media business, which includes cult technology websites such as Slashdot and Sourceforge.

The company, which presents itself as a “leading provider of specialized career websites”, paid a whopping $20 million in cash, which seems to be a bargain given that Geeknet’s online media properties generated around $20 million in revenues according to Dice Holding’s press release.

This comes after Geeknet announced in May 2012 that it was exploring strategic options to offload its media business.

Slashdot was the original curated social technology news website and was launched by the legendary CmdrTaco who left the site a few years ago.

Despite the rise of alternative social networking websites (Twitter, Facebook), the site still attracts around 3.7 million unique visitors each month and generates around 160,000 comments per month.

The other gem in the acquisition is SourceForge, which is the defacto global repository for open source software, one which attracts 40 million unique visitors per month with 80 per cent of them outside the US.

The third website of the lot is Freecode which is one of the largest indexes of Linux, Uix and cross-platform software, which brings in around 500,000 unique visitors each month.

Geeknet’s divestiture of its media properties means that it can now focus on its remaining business -online ecommerce website ThinkGeek.

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