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Mozilla Festival 2012: get hands on with the web

Firefox-maker Mozilla has announced the 2012 Mozilla Festival, a three-day extravaganza of design, learning, and fireside chats in London.

Coders, designers, journalists, and educators are invited to join filmmakers, gamers, and other content creators from more than 40 countries to participate in hands-on collaboration from 9 to 11 November. More than 800 people with varying backgrounds and skill sets will come together for design challenges and learning labs in East London's Ravensbourne campus, Mozilla said.

"We want everyone to tap the full creative power of the Web. The Mozilla Festival is a magnet for people interested in learning about – and playing with – the Web's future," Mozilla Executive Director Mark Surman said in a statement.

Mozilla is touting the festival as unlike traditional conferences, emphasising in-event teamwork more than what the company described as the passive consumption and lecture-listening at other conferences on the circuit. Mozilla is "more hack, less yack," the company blog said.

This year's key festival themes include building a generation of web creators, coding for kids, hackable games, making the web physical, source code for journalism, and web-building for mobile.

It's not just about technology, Surman said. Mozilla wants to draw in participants interested in the Web's possibilities beyond the code.

"Technology is at the point where learners don't just use the tools, but make the tools," Joi Ito, director of MIT Media Lab, said in a statement. "This happens at places like the Mozilla Festival, where geeks and practitioners get together."

Event registration is now open. Adult tickets cost £40 and cover entry, two meals, a party at the London Film Museum and "a weekend of Web-making fun," the site said. Youth tickets cost about £3 for attendees 18 years and younger. The three-day schedule is available online.