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Cheapest Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Console 500GB costs only £215

You can grab the brand-new ultra-slim Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console with a 500GB hard disk drive for as little as £215 including delivery from Zavvi (which is now owned by the same group that handles The Hut and Sendit).

The product, which will be available for sale from 28 September, has been completely redesigned. Its weight and volume have been more than halved from those of the “fat” PS3 and cut by 25 per cent and 20 per cent respectively as compared to the second-generation PS3.

It now has a sliding disc cover, a simpler body design and is available with 12GB flash drive (with the option to add a 2.5in internal SATA drive with a capacity of up to 1TB) or with 500GB.

It is likely that Sony has opted for the slimmer console to cut down the bill of materials (hence increasing its profit margin) and to improve reliability as the PS3 arrives towards its end of life.

The arrival of the PS3 Slim Console (500GB) - which carries a suggested retail price of £250 - means that the price of the existing 320GB Sony PlayStation 3 model is likely to drop as we approach the year's last quarter.

Source: Zavvi

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