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To help celebrate its sixth birthday, creative printing business bought itself a present: the website. CEO Richard Moross announced the acquisition in a Thursday blog post on

"But don't worry," Moross told his new company. "We're not going to get all weird and start bossing you about. Just think of us as your mom's new husband. The kind that buys you a car, obviously – not the kind that makes you call him dad (nobody likes that guy)."

Joking aside, Moross said that website-making outlet Flavors demonstrates how the web has opened design tools for everyone. "So we're putting all our efforts into making it even easier for you to create an awesome-looking Flavors page," he said. turns printing into an art form with its business cards, postcards, and minicards, designed to share information with a personal flare. According to the company's website, design is key to everything MOO does, from the clothes employees wear and the homes they live in, to the business cards they hand out – likely a big component in its purchase of Flavors.

The London-based company provided no further details regarding its future plans for Flavors, but directed users to the help page with any questions.

Flavors provides a space for non-developers to build a personal online portfolio or other website, with direct access to services like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr, Wordpress, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo,, LinkedIn, and Etsy, among others.