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Networking and news reading made easier in Opera Mini Android update

Opera Mini has released an Android app update that aims to manage your social life in a smarter way.

The app's new Smart Page gives users instant access to social-networking updates and world news – a sort of bird's-eye-view of what's going on in your life.

Version 7.5 of the browser now sports three categories for easy access: social tab, news, and suggested links. Each one focuses on a different aspect of surfing the Internet.

A one-stop shop for updates from Facebook and Twitter, the social tab even supports Russian social network vKontakte. Or, if you're sick of constant updates from that one annoying coworker, switch to the news segment, where Opera culls the latest news from a variety of sources, based on the user's browsing habits.

For additional sites based on relevant and local news and events, check out the suggested links from Opera Software and its partners.

Users can still find the tried-and-tested favourites in Opera Mini 7.5, which carries the speed dial feature, providing users a space to store and call up shortcuts on the browser's homepage. The new Android version also compresses data, working around cramped data networks to provide faster surfing.

The Opera Mobile Team also pointed out that the upgrade brings stability and download fixes, and encourages users to report any bugs.

Opera Mini 7.5 for Android is currently available for download on the Opera Software page or in the Google Play store. The browser is also available for iOS and other platforms, but the newest version is only on Android.