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Swiss railway accuses Apple of ripping off clock design on iOS 6

The hits keep coming for Apple's iOS 6. Amidst the backlash over its lacklustre Apple Maps app, it appears that the Cupertino firm is also drawing fire for the new clock app on the iPad.

As first noted by MacRumors, the Swiss Federal Railway (SBB) told one of the country's newspapers, Tages-Anzeiger, that the new clock icon within iOS 6 on the iPad (above left) violates the railway's clock trademark (above right).

The clock design used by SBB (below) was crafted in 1944 by Hans Hilfiker, and the trademark is now owned by the Swiss Federal Railway. SBB licenses the design to companies like Mondaine, but told Tages-Anzeiger that Apple has not secured such a license.

The paper said SBB will reach out to Apple in order to reach an agreement about the use of its clock.

Apple's iOS 6 was released yesterday, and is now reportedly on at least 15 per cent of iOS devices. But not everyone is pleased with the updated OS. A new Apple Maps app replaces Google Maps in iOS 6, but it appears that Apple Maps has a ways to go before it is as accurate as its Google counterpart. Not surprisingly, a new Tumblr blog is charting all the bizarre results Apple Maps is serving up.