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iPhone 5 customers report receiving scuffed handsets

After the high that was last week’s iPhone 5 launch, the comedown is finally starting to kick in for some customers.

First, users fumed over Apple Maps, the wildly inaccurate navigation app that replaced Google Maps as iOS 6’s default mapping software. But it now appears that’s not the new iDevice’s only flaw: complaints have been flooding in about the extent to which the iPhone 5’s back case is prone to scuffing, scratching, and peeling paint.

Reports from across the web have suggested that the handset’s surface is particularly sensitive, with some customers complaining that their iPhone 5s arrived scratched or otherwise damaged.

On Apple’s official Apple Support Communities forum, a thread featuring hundreds of posts (opens in new tab) has popped up, with users complaining of receiving scratched phones out-of-the-box.

(opens in new tab)“I went through 3 iPhones. Two black units and 1 unit. I am on my fourth!,” wrote forum user mritacca.

“I opened the boxes right in the store and kept swapping them until I found one that didn't have as many marks,” he added.

There also appears to be an issue with peeling paint that seems to affect both the white and black versions of the device.

“I’ve been using my iPhone 5 for a day and the black paint is coming off already!!!,” wrote GolfBravo on the Apple forums thread.

“I noticed a slight ding on the side of mine and the back paint on the corners are already showing wear. I used it half the day. This is horriable [sic],” wrote Geckoking.

On the MacRumors forum (opens in new tab), users conducted a anecdotal poll (with nearly 1,300 respondents at publication time) which revealed that some 36 per cent of customers received devices that were scuffed out-of-the box, while nearly 10 per cent of devices suffered scuffs or scratches “shortly after.”

Apple has not issued an official statement or responded to press requests, but it appears as though the problem is linked to the new anodised aluminium casing, which was a switch from the stainless steel surface of the Phone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Did you receive a damaged iPhone 5? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: Apple Insider (opens in new tab)