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Simplifying Cloud Deployment: The road to application optimisation

Once the successful migration of ERP application to the cloud is completed, application optimisation can be initiated.

Application optimisation

Application performance optimisation is a key on-going benefit of cloud migration. The “right sizing” of the virtual environment, leveraging multi-core technology and increasing virtual machine performance, may consolidate application and data base servers leading to cost benefits for the client.

Current datacentres are equipped with the latest server, storage and networking technology and this becomes the new platform which the client ERP applications are deployed on. Scenario and load testing for capacity planning and trending prior to on-boarding or going live is simpler and more cost effective in virtual environments, saving time and money.

The expertise of your provider’s applications support team will need to grow in the following fields while minimising or eliminating service interruption both initially and going forward as the enterprise ERP; Performance tuning via OS settings, “on-demand” RAM memory, SQL statement tuning, and dynamically allocated CPUs for ERP virtual machines,.

The ERP cloud migration process is much like a major ERP upgrade, with test/dev instances, QA regression testing, pre-production, and finally release to production.

The difference is that this process becomes much quicker and more flexible due to virtual machine provisioning.

Most providers should support this cloud transition by supplying project management planning and resources. The end-game is to off-load enterprise IT by fully realising the benefits of an ERP application running and being managed in a virtual cloud environment.

The Benefits of migrating ERP applications

Migrating on-premise ERP applications to a cloud-based infrastructure can significantly reduce ERP infrastructure costs. There are significant benefits in gaining the ability to dynamically provision for ERP testing, upgrades, and on-demand scalability. However, migration offers additional benefits through improved application performance, less risk of downtime or disruption and business flexibility.

Rapidly spinning up new virtual environments (pre-configured and based on virtual machine parameters optimised for an ERP instantiation) can significantly enhance the organisation’s ERP availability and its capacity to address changing business requirements. High availability can be achieved through the shifting of ERP workload among virtual machines, without service interruption.

Accommodating changing business requirements can all be done more efficiently and with less risk by experienced engineers running up virtual environments: e.g., adding new modules due to an acquisition, new compliance software or procedures, or changing user populations and usage.

Migration to the cloud presents opportunities for IT. Moving ERP support to the cloud, with faster more reliable upgrades, may empower IT to improve or extend ERP workflow. IT can build in stronger compliance processes through more comprehensive governance, risk management and compliance packages.

Less costly and predictable application management support costs allow IT to re-focus on core competencies. By shifting the burden of ERP management to a cloud environment, IT can support other initiatives such as those enhancing competitiveness, or generating revenue from new business development.

More ‘breathing space’ may allow IT to look at implementing cross-application integration through a genuine Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), including and extending beyond ERP applications.

Tammy Sweat-Chipman is the Regional Vice President, Delivery Services for NaviSite. She is an innovative technology leader with over 20 years of business and technology experience, spanning a variety of global industry footprints. Her proven track record gives her the unique ability to quickly and effectively assess technology environments to ensure that projects provide customers with a complete, timely and cost effective solution.