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Firefox introduces health report feature to check browser performance

Internet users will soon be able to play doctor to their computer browser, with Mozilla's integration of Firefox Health Report (FHR).

According to Mitchell Baker, chair of the Mozilla Foundation, the new feature will help users understand why their software runs differently than someone else's, or how to make it run more efficiently.

"Firefox Health Report will allow each one of us to understand our own experiences," Baker wrote in a Friday blog post. "It will also allow Mozilla to understand these experiences in the aggregate for our users."

By using data – in a privacy-centric way, according to Baker – Mozilla has designed its report to provide answers to questions about whether an add-on is causing performance degradation, or whether starting a new Firefox profile will help improve performance, for example.

FHR will collect configuration, customisations, performance, and wear and tear data; search terms, keywords, and locations are not gathered.

Though Mozilla said it will not be collecting personal information about its users via FHR, those who have concerns can opt out of the program.