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Former MobileMe users warned about forthcoming iCloud storage cut

If you're a former MobileMe customer who transitioned over to Apple's iCloud service, then you may soon lose up to 20GB of free storage.

Apple has begun sending out notices reminding former MobileMe subscribers that their free 25GB iCloud accounts will be reduced to 5GB as of 30 September, according to a report from MacRumors.

All iCloud users get 5GB of free space to upload video, music, photos, or books for on-the-go access. However, MobileMe users who migrated to iCloud received an additional 20GB for free during the first year. That offer was initially set to expire 30 June, but Apple extended it through the end of September.

"Unless you take action before your downgrade takes effect, backups to iCloud will stop, and apps will no longer be able to save documents to iCloud," Apple is warning users in the notice. "You can either free up storage or cancel your downgrade to keep your current storage plan for another year."

Information about how to free up storage in your iCloud account can be found in an Apple support document. Users can also buy additional iCloud storage, with pricing set at 10GB for $20 (£12) per year, 20GB for $40 (£25), or 50GB for $100 (£60).

Meanwhile, recently graduated from beta and is now open to all users. Following in the footsteps of the iCloud mobile and desktop versions, added the Reminders and Notes apps, which can sync with the iPhone and iPad, and made some additional upgrades.