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Talktalk adds new phones to £5 smartphone contacts

TalkTalk has a light mobile plan (called Small Plan) that includes 100 minutes, 250 texts and 200MB data on a two year contract for only £5 a month; that’s £120 for the duration of the contract.

You also get unlimited family calls (assuming you are on TalkTalk Mobile or landline), free text alerts, free voice mails and free calls to customer care.

This is, we believe, the cheapest contract for a smartphone although it is limited to Talktalk customers. In comparison Talk Mobile’s cheapest contract starts from £7.50 per month albeit with better phones. It’s worth noting that TalkTalk Mobile and Talk Mobile are two different entities, although emanating from sister companies.

As for the devices on the plan, you get to choose between the Motorola Gleam +, the Nokia C1-01, the Doro 610, the Nokia 201 Black, the Asha 300, the LG Optimus L3 or the Samsung Galaxy Y, the last two being the only Android handsets of the lot and the L3 being the better of the two.

The telecom giant is also vying to become, just like Virgin Media, a quad play player with fixed landline, TV and broadband.

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