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IBM ramps up storage planning offerings with Butterfly Software acquisition

IBM has purchased Maidenhead-based data storage company Butterfly Software in a bid to ramp up its storage offerings, the company announced earlier this week.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Butterfly is set to be merged into IBM’s software department. The company offers tools for storage planning and migration which purport to help firms “save storage space, operational time, IT budget and power consumption,” IBM said.

The acquisition is the firm’s seventh this year. In May, it picked up software manufacturer Vivisimo, which specialised in discovery and navigation software. Just last month it took over Texas Memory Systems, a company focused on solid state storage.

As the market for big data and attendant services continues to grow, IBM is taking steps to perch itself at the forefront of that industry. According to business intelligence research firm IDC, the big data market is expected to see an annual increase of some 40 per cent, with a total value of more than £10 billion.

Last week, analytics firm Infobright reported that we are collectively storing 1.8 trillion GB of data, with that number growing daily and resulting in mounting challenges for businesses of all sizes.