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Production resumes at Foxconn after mass brawl

Apple supplier Foxconn has confirmed that production has resumed at its Taiyuan, China factory following a Sunday night brawl that led to a temporary shutdown.

Workers at the plant, which houses about 79,000 workers, revolted this weekend, resulting in 5,000 police officers on the scene, and 40 people sent to hospital for injuries.

Now, employees are back at work, and the one-day shutdown is not expected to have a major impact on Foxconn clients, according to the Washington Post. Though Foxconn serves as a supplier for Apple, it is unclear whether iPhone 5 or other products are being manufactured at the Taiyun location.

In a statement from Foxconn Technology Group, the company confirmed a "personal dispute" between several employees, which escalated into an incident involving some 2,000 employees Sunday night.

"The cause of this dispute is under investigation by local authorities and we are working closely with them in this process, but it appears not to have been work-related," Foxconn said.

News outlets reported different stories about why the fight broke out – tension between employees and security guards, general worker unrest in China, and personal disagreements between colleagues. The melee lasted about four hours, until police gained control. According to the Post, no employees died in the incident.

Another Chinese Foxconn plant was the site of a June clash with security staff. A fight broke out in a male dormitory at the Chengdu factory when guards tried to stop a thief and several employees thwarted those efforts. The situation escalated to include 1,000 workers throwing rubbish bins, chairs, pots, bottles, and fireworks, destroying public facilities.

The two-hour riot ended only after hundreds of local police officers arrived on the scene. Dozens of people were arrested.

Foxconn has been the target of multiple reports of inhumane treatment and unsafe working conditions. Amidst some backlash, Apple commissioned the Fair Labor Association (FLA) to conduct audits of several Chinese suppliers, including Foxconn. The FLA found several abuses relating to overtime and working conditions and demanded changes, many of which have been put in place, the FLA said recently.