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5 of the best Google Play apps for 25p

Given Android’s success across the globe, the Google Play store (formerly the Android Market) is obviously a heavily trafficked location. Indeed, Google has just announced that users have now downloaded a combined total of 25 billion apps, songs, videos, and eBooks from the store. To celebrate, the company is offering "some great discounts for the next five days."

That means a number of apps have been discounted to 25 pence apiece, 14 in all. That's out of a total of 675,000 apps and games, Google noted.

Unfortunately, they're not all terrific. For example, there's Kemco's Symphony of Eternity, which, though serving as one of the few Japanese RPGs on the platform, also requires you to at least read Japanese.

And though there's a quality Sudoku app up for sale as well, we're guessing that the hardcore Sudoku fan has already paid up and downloaded his or her mobile fix. In this article, however, we’ve found some goodies: Some you may already own, but others you probably don’t. And at just 25 pence apiece, we think you can afford to try them out.

Read on to find out which are the best bargains going on the Play store…

Angry Birds Space Premium

Angry Birds Space Premium reigns supreme as the most innovative Angry Birds game available. Although a free, ad-based version is also available, paying just 25 coppers seems like a good idea. Having said that, you may well already own this, anyway.

Asphalt 7: Heat

If you have a relatively high-powered phone or tablet, there's no reason not to buy Asphalt 7: Heat. It simply looks amazing. Even if some complain about the controls, a 25 pence price tag makes this a must-try app.

Office Suite Pro

For those who need to open, edit, and save Microsoft Office documents while on the go, Office Suite Pro can be a real lifesaver, especially with recent additions that allow you to print via the cloud and save to PDF.

Granny Smith

A charming side-scrolling, physics-based game where poor Granny Smith whizzes around a level on roller skates, flinging apples and crashing through obstacles along the way. Some have criticised Granny Smith for its lack of difficulty, but being included in the deals section should provide enough of an installed user base to ensure new levels are on the way.

Runtastic Pro

Although some might prefer the free RunKeeper, Runtastic Pro offers a Google Earth view of your run, as well as map traces that track your heart rate, elevations, slope, and more. The app automatically pauses when you do, such as at the traffic lights.