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Facebook integrates Dropbox into its social network set-up

Dropbox has announced that its users will now be able to share files stored on the cloud service inside Facebook Groups.

"Now you can share notes with your study group, add the latest game schedule to your basketball team's group, or post a birthday video to your family's group at lightning speed from wherever you are," Dropbox said in a blog post.

Like other Facebook posts, the integration will allow Facebook members to comment on and "like" shared Dropbox files. Documents can be downloaded, whilst edited files will be updated automatically.

To add files, click "Add File" on your Facebook Groups page. You can pick and choose which files to add to Facebook.

"Docs, photos, and videos shared from Dropbox will show up on the group's wall and can also be viewed on a smartphone or tablet," Dropbox said.

Dropbox added that Facebook will not gain access to your Dropbox account if you share documents.

"Dropbox and Facebook exchange only the information that's needed for you to add a file to your group," the company said.

That includes basic member data, email address, as well your groups and friends' groups on Dropbox's side. Facebook only receives the link to your file, its name and size, and the ability to display a small preview.

The feature is rolling out now and should be available to all Facebook Groups soon.

Several weeks ago, Vimeo teamed up with Dropbox to ease the process of uploading videos.

Last month, Dropbox said that a spam attack was likely caused by a stolen password that allowed access to an employee project document. The company later enabled two-factor authentication.