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Microsoft releasing Windows 8 prematurely, says Intel CEO

Intel chief executive Paul Otellini has reportedly warned staff members that Microsoft is unleashing Windows 8 before it’s completely ready, Bloomberg has reported, quoting someone who attended the event.

The statements, which included other comments about the forthcoming operating system, were allegedly made at a private Intel meeting in Taipei, Taiwan.

Microsoft will have to introduce fixes to the software after its 26 October launch date, Otellini said. The premature release of Windows 8 is designed to get the software onto tablets ahead of the holiday shopping season, which will make the OS, and Microsoft’s forthcoming Surface devices, more competitive in the race against Apple’s iPad.

Somewhat surprisingly, though, the Intel boss said the decision to ship Windows 8 before it’s fully ready is the right move for Microsoft. The company can simply fine tune the operating system and make improvements after it has been released, he said.

“With over 16 million active preview participants, Windows 8 is the most tested, reviewed and ready operating system in Microsoft’s history,” company spokesperson Mark Martin told Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, Intel, which is one of Microsoft’s closest partners, said reports of Otellini’s statements were “unsubstantiated,” saying simply that the chip manufacturer “believes Windows represents a tremendous opportunity for our business and we’re looking forward to working with Microsoft on enabling a host of new experiences on a variety of devices.”

The Windows 8 launch will likely be a defining moment for Microsoft, as PC sales decline as consumers shift their attention, and purchasing power, to smartphones and tablets.

Image Credit: Flickr (qtschlepper)