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Sony PS3 500GB gaming console now available from under £200

Head over to eBay and Shopto’s online shop if you fancy a significant discount on the brand-new slim version of the Sony PS3 gaming console. At £199.99, including delivery, it is cheaper than the 320GB version of the console.

Sony has completely redesigned the internal architecture of the console to slim it down considerably. Compared to the original PS3 (the 60GB 'fat' version), its internal volume and weight have been more than halved.

Compared to the current version, its size has been cut by 20 per cent and 25 per cent respectively. The rest of the configuration remains the same, however, down to the USB and HDMI ports.

A third refresh of the popular PS3 brand means that the console has likely reached the final phase of its life cycle and that it will almost certainly be replaced, possibly as early as next year with the PS4.

It will be interesting to see whether Sony has used different internal components (like a shrunken down processor) for the slim PS3, as the latter consumes less power and should, in theory, have a lower bill of materials as well.

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