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TalkTalk still attracts most customer complaints

TalkTalk is proving itself to be a model of consistency when it comes to attracting complaints for its telecoms services.

Ofcom’s quarterly reports regarding customer satisfaction in the industry regularly chart TalkTalk at the top of the complaints chart, and the watchdog’s findings from April to June this year again make bad reading for the firm.

In both the fixed line telephony and fixed broadband categories, TalkTalk generates the most complaints, with the 0.53 moans per 1,000 telephone customers coming in “significantly above the industry average.”

The graph above shows how securely TalkTalk’s complaints crown is sitting for the second quarter, and illustrates how consistent the company’s poor performance has been over previous years with its fixed line services. Ofcom says the main consumer gripes “continue to focus on billing and customer service issues,” while highlighting that Virgin Media again attracted fewer complaints than its rivals.

In terms of fixed broadband services, TalkTalk's complaints derived most significantly from line faults, while Sky drew the least customer wrath in this area overall, Ofcom reports.

The watchdog also surveyed customer complaints relating to their pay-monthly mobile services, covering Three, Orange, O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Virgin Media. In this category, Three attracted the most grumbles, driven by disputed charges among other customer service issues. O2 received the least complaints.

Ofcom states that its “primary duty is to further the interests of citizens and consumers, where appropriate by promoting competition,” and hopes its name and shame complaint reports motivate telecoms providers to improve their services. Assessing the two graphs here suggests the studies may well be achieving their goal, as complaints have fallen steadily in both areas since 2010.