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HTC One X+ outed by O2 as featuring Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, £480 price tag

Think HTC's flagship Windows 8 smartphone, the 8X, sounds like a hot proposition? Then you obviously haven't heard about the Taiwanese tech titan's "other" upcoming offering, the One X+.

A souped-up version of the One X, the X+ has been the subject of considerable speculation of late, and now its existence and and impending arrival seems to have been confirmed, after the device popped up in the most recent iteration of O2's catalogue (see image, top).

Astutely spotted by spec experts GSMArena, the newest addition to HTC's One range looks like a considerable improvement on its predecessor and is lined up to be yet another serious iPhone 5 rival. This is especially true for fandroids, as the One X+ arrives pre-loaded with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, not just accompanied by a sketchy outline for something like an update at some point in the future - unfortunately the status quo amongst many manufacturers.

The One X+ will also feature a significantly upgraded engine room, sporting a quad-core processor – presumably the Nvidia Tegra 3 chip that powers its older sibling – turbo-charged to clock at an impressive 1.7GHz. If accurate, it would make the One X+one of the most powerful, non-phablet handsets out there.

On-board storage is another area getting a boost, and while the X+ still won't feature a microSD slot, it will supersize its capacity to a baseline of 64GB.

While O2 doesn't give much else away, the X+ will also feature a standardly attractive 8-megapixel primary camera like its predecessor.

However, the catalogue does reveal that the "Pay & Go" option - that's SIM-free to the rest of us - will run at a relatively reasonable £479.99. Compare that to nearly £700 for a 64GB iPhone 5, and the HTC One X+ looks like bargain bin material despite bringing some seriously impressive specs to the table.

Of course, the big question will be whether the One X+ lands on the UK's 4G LTE spectrum, currently being rolled out exclusively – and controversially – by EE. For more on 4G LTE in the Isles, check out Will Dalton's feature on which phones to expect when EE launches its superfast network.

If it does, then there's little question that the HTC One X+ is likely to be a serious consumer option come the lucrative pre-holiday shopping season - even the older One X matches up relatively favourably to the iPhone 5.

Ahead of the arrival of HTC's latest mobile offering, online retailers have commenced their customary price slashing dance, with the older One X now available via Expansys for just £380.

Image credit: GSMArena