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Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 to go on sale in November

The prices of the Nokia Lumia 820 and the Lumia 920 have been published in Russia, Germany and in Italy with the devices expected to be launched in November 2012.

In Russia, the Lumia 920 will cost around £500 while the Lumia 820 will sell for £400, which is significantly more than what we expect them to sell in the UK. In Germany, the top of the range model will carry a suggested retail price of 649 Euros (£518) while the mainstream model will cost 499 Euros (£398). In Italy, expect the Lumia 920 to cost 599 Euros and the 820, 499 Euros as well.

In the UK, the Lumia 920 went on preorder at one retailer for around £470, which is significantly more than the HTC Windows Phone 8X, while the Lumia 820 will almost certainly cost significantly more than the HTC Windows Phone 8S - which can be preordered for less than £230.

Nokia hasn’t yet released pricing for the UK and the rest of EMEA territories, and we suspect that the official launch of Windows Phone 8 will take place just after that of Windows 8, which happens on 25 October.

You can check out our coverage of the launch event of both phones in New York last month and our quick hands-on.

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