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An ideal iPad for Kids: The InnoTab 2 now available from £60

If you don’t want to lend your brand new iPad or your Google Nexus 7 to your child, then why not get this InnoTab 2 tablet for him or her. Not only is it sturdier than mainstream tablets, it is also way cheaper and designed specifically for children over 36 months.

Available from Smythstoys, the tablet – which has a 5in LCD touchscreen display - combines “educational games, fun activities and e-books on a multi-functional touch-screen tablet” plus a nifty rotating self-portrait camera. At £60, it costs 25 per cent less than its suggested retail price and even has a video player and a photo viewer.

As expected the device, built by VTech, features a number of “apps” and parents can even download additional games and learning apps using an optional SD card from VTech’s own Learning Lodge Navigator website.

The InnoTab 2 will face some tough competition from Archos’ own child friendly Child Pad which comes with a proper operating system (Android 4.0 CS) plus a number of applications and kid-friendly feature as well as LeapPad Explorer tablet which has proved to be a hit with Kids.

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