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Sharp executive insists there is "adequate" iPhone 5 display production

Comments from a Sharp executive suggest that the company is moving past rumoured production issues for the iPhone 5's in-cell display.

An anonymous Sharp executive told Reuters that it is now making "adequate volumes" of displays.

Sharp is just one of several Apple suppliers. But in late August, there were reports that Sharp had delayed plans to ship displays for Apple's iPhone 5 due to manufacturing difficulties.

Reuters has questioned whether Apple might have "sweeten[ed] financial incentives" for Sharp in order to get the iPhone 5 out on time.

Apple also works with Japan Display and Korea's LG Display to supply its touch screens, which include in-cell technology that combines the display and touch screen into a single component, allowing for a slimmer handset.

Apple's decision to use that thinner, lighter touch screen has contributed to the iPhone 5 backlog, which currently stands at three to four weeks.

Still, the Cupertino-based company has fared well, selling 5 million smartphones in the first three days of availability. The company is obviously making a fair amount of profit on its handsets, with recent news indicating that the iPhone 5 costs Apple around £140 to build. The high-end handset, of course, carries a SIM-free retail price of up to £700.