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Apple update could endanger app promotion services

An update to Apple's terms of service could mean that developers will not be able to promote apps from other developers within their own offerings.

The update comes as the App Store sustained a Sunday evening download glitch.

As noted by, one section of the updated guidelines says, "Apps that display Apps other than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store will be rejected."

"The wording is typically vague, but clause 2.25 appears to give Apple the power to put any app that promotes titles from a different developer out of action," speculated.

The blog said the rules will likely affect apps that serve only to promote other apps, like FreeAppADay. However, it could also impact apps that look to use cross promotion in order to drive downloads and earn a higher spot on the App Store charts.

"Apple is actively seeking to restrict the influence of all such promotional tools in order to maintain the legitimacy of the App Store charts – themselves reportedly altered during the iOS 6 update to reflect app engagement over pure downloads," said.

It would help, of course, if users could actually download apps. As reported by MacRumors, the App Store last night was hit by a bug that prevented new purchases. People trying to buy things were asked to agree to Apple's terms and conditions over and over again, but were not able to actually download their purchases. The problem reportedly did not appear to be affecting international accounts, and was fixed by this morning.