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Currys and PC World launch Apple Trade-in Scheme

DSGi owned companies, Currys and PC World, have announced plans to encourage existing PC users to swap their old computers for new shiny Apple gear and get £100 when they trade in any other make of laptop or desktop.

The fairly relaxed approached may be aimed at converting PC users with older Windows kit to upgrade to Apple and get some cashback in the process. We would be very surprised if the whole process isn’t backed (financially) by Apple itself in a bid to take away even more market share from Microsoft.

This is even more likely given that the press release sent to us doesn’t mention anything regarding whether the products should be in full working order.

Customers will also receive up to £350 when they trade in an iMac, or MacBook Air or MacBook Pro and £250 when they swap their old MacBook for a new one.

The trade-in promotion is valid until 25 October; Mac Products should be at most three years old (ditto for Windows 7 ones) while other laptops and desktop models (running on Vista and previous Windows OS) can be as old as six years.

Customers will first need to buy a qualifying MacBook, iMac or Mac Mini from either Currys or PC World, then fill out the appropriate form online and if successful, they will receive a cheque up to £30 days after validation.

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