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Mark Zuckerberg holds talks with Russian PM Medvedev

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg was in Russia on Monday and met with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

"Good conversation with Prime Minister Medvedev," Zuckerberg said in an update to his Facebook Timeline, which also featured a photo of the CEO and Russian politician.

Zuckerberg ditched his signature jeans and hoodie - an outfit that earned him some disdain during his company's IPO tour - for a more professional black suit and tie.

According to Reuters, Zuckerberg discussed the option of opening a research centre in Russia, though there are reportedly no solid plans for this, while Medvedev championed his country's IT contributions.

Zuckerberg was in the country after Russian Roman Andreev won Facebook's recent Hacker Cup, Reuters said. Andreev completed the problem at hand in one hour and four minutes, winning $5,000 (£3,100). Second and third place went to contestants from the US and China.

Zuckerberg was in China back in March, prompting rumours that Facebook would soon be available there. The service, however, is still technically blocked in China, though residents have found ways around the firewall.

In a regulatory filing earlier this year, Facebook said it continues "to evaluate entering China, [but] this market has substantial legal and regulatory complexities that have prevented our entry into China to date."

Zuckerberg has been quite the world traveler in recent months; in December, he also vacationed in Vietnam.