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Microsoft revamps MSN for Windows 8 and IE10

Microsoft today unveiled a revamped MSN that will be available with the 26 October launch of Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10.

"MSN for Windows 8 gives you a place where you can be informed, decompress and let your curiosity reign. From the updated user interface to blazing fast speed and comprehensive content, MSN showcases what it does best – instant access to the information you want," Microsoft stated in a blog post.

Microsoft touted its revamped MSN as a full-screen experience that's "clean, simple, and built for touch." The homepage and topic-based sections, or channels, have a similar layout. "You'll know what stories are most important, just by viewing the size of the story tile," said the Redmond-based giant.

Microsoft also promised a faster, more app-like experience on the new MSN thanks to the speed boosts of IE10: "The pages render twice as fast as the classic MSN web experience."

The Flip Ahead feature, for example, allows users to jump from one article to the next with the flip of a finger. With Snap, users can also pin a given page to the side of the screen, which will remain there while you navigate other programs or apps.

As for what you'll be reading, Microsoft said it has secured new content deals with the AP and Reuters for richer news coverage. It also promised short news blurbs via the new MSN News, which will serve up "quick snap-shots of information."