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Potential October launch for iPad Mini

According to the rumour mill, the iPad Mini could go on sale in early November, comfortably in time for Christmas.

If the gossip is true, the Mini launch event will take place on 17 October, and the tablet will be made available from 2 November – a fortnight later.

These dates were, according to Forbes, confirmed by a "major Apple investor" who had heard the news from several sources.

Apple has neither confirmed nor denied the rumours, but it is worth bearing in mind that much of the speculation surrounding the iPhone 5 proved highly accurate.

The iPad Mini is expected to support a 7.85in screen and sell in the region of £200. It will be competing against the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD, both of which pack a 7in screen and cost £159.

The same source also claimed that invitations to the launch will head out on 10 October.