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Three unveils new Huawei E3256 HSPA+42 dongle

Three has announced a new dongle, the Huawei E3256, which is said to be optimised for use on its super-fast HSPA+42 network.

Currently stocked by Three's online store, the E3256 is available from £13.88, (opens in new tab) breaking down to a one-off payment of £4.99, and £8.99 a month over a two-year contract period - you'll get a 1GB data allowance every 30-odd days for your pocket money.

The premium dongle can also be obtained on a PAYG basis, with £44.99 getting you the dongle and your first GB of data, or £104.99 grabbing you the device and 12GB of the good stuff.

"We're delighted to be able to offer the advanced Huawei E3256 dongle because when it's connected to our HSPA+42 network, customers will be able to enjoy ultra-fast internet access for better streaming, browsing and downloading," said Bryn Jones, CTO at Three.

HSPA+42 is the one of the latest standards for wireless and broadband telecommunications, and while it's thought to lag behind the 4G LTE spectrum currently being rolled out by EE in the UK, it's a considerable improvement on 3G speeds, which tend to peak around 2-3Mbps.

By way of contrast, HSPA+42 is capable of offering download speeds of up to 20Mbps, with 10Mbps thought to be a realistic average.

(opens in new tab)Aesthetically, the Huawei E3256 has a rotating head that acts as an aerial, with the new dongle slotting into the USB port of your device in the traditional manner.

"The E3256 shows, again, Huawei's leadership of the mobile broadband market. Connectivity remains an essential part of the Huawei story and the E3256 demonstrates the same technical excellence and design that have brought our smartphones and home devices such attention," added James Powell, product and solutions director at Huawei Device UK and Ireland.

"It is a great prospect for customers looking to stream video and other data-hungry content on the move," he concluded.

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