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Facebook revamps help centre and support dashboard

Facebook has launched an improved Help Centre that is intended to make it easier for users to find information about the social network.

The new help page features major topics, highlights popular questions, and makes search navigation simpler.

The social network's revamped Help Centre homepage provides direct access to six major topics: privacy basics, what's new on Facebook, report an issue, more about Timeline, safety resources, and games and apps. Different users can see more personalised options depending on how they use Facebook, according to a company blog post. For example, if a user is not logged into Facebook, they may see details on how to create an account, or tips on resetting their password.

Along the left side of the landing page, various links, like Manage Your Account, Privacy, Sharing, Popular Features, and Facebook Mobile make it easier to navigate the site and find the right information.

Today also marks the worldwide launch of Facebook's Support Dashboard, available now to 100 per cent of users following its limited April release. The tool aims to help users track the progress of complaints of abuse made about the network's photos and Timelines.

All users can now see the Support Dashboard in the Account Settings tab, which includes details on what action Facebook took regarding the report, and why.

"The redesign of the Help Center and the Support Dashboard are just two examples of our continuous effort to provide you with resources to help you better understand and use Facebook," the blog said.