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39in 4K x 2K TV models to be introduced next year?

Chinese TV panel powerhouse Chimei Innolux (CMI) is said to be entertaining plans to expand the production of its 39in panels and may even allocate part of its production line to developing 4K x 2K panels of this size, according to unnamed sources cited by Digitimes.

The sources also said that a small volume production may begin soon, a sign that demand for 39in models in general is outpacing production capacity in the industry. This elevated demand may have come about because TV sets of this size are cheaper to produce and ideal for ever-shrinking lounges worldwide.

The company produces 4K x 2K panels in 50in and 65in sizes and will start volume shipments for the latter size to Chinese manufacturers before the end of the year. 4K x 2K refers to a screen resolution with a horizontal resolution varying between 3,840 and 4,096.

A number of vendors demonstrated 4K x 2K displays at IFA a few weeks ago. Panasonic (opens in new tab), LG (opens in new tab) and Toshiba (opens in new tab) all had models on show and it is likely that the format will become more predominant at the very high end of the market next year.

(opens in new tab)Unfortunately, the amount of content produced in 4K x 2K is still a trickle even compared to 3D or full HD, which could serve as a catalyst for the broadcast industry.

It would be interesting to see whether some 39in 4K x 2K panels will end up powering Apple’s Television set which is rumoured to be released before the end of the year. Anyone for a TV with “Retina Display”?

Source: Digitimes (opens in new tab)

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