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Apple restricting Lightning accessory production

Apple is reportedly only allowing approved third party companies to create Lightning-based accessories.

The policy changes are likely to wipe out almost all cheap third party alternatives, which is unlikely to go down particularly well with consumers.

Currently, it is understood that no other companies have yet been given the go-ahead to produce Lightning accessories, though an exclusive seminar is to take place in China within the next few weeks, where interested parties will learn Apple's position on the subject in more depth.

This follows the news that Apple's Lightning cables all come with inbuilt unique authentication chips.

Basically, this means that knock-off, unofficial Lightning alternatives will either not work properly or be ignored entirely by the iPhone 5.

"You can't just build a Lightning cable by making something with the same shape and connectivity," said Peter from Double Helix Cables, a source who tore apart the cable. "The chip has to be there."