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Nokia releases Lumia advert mocking iPhone's lack of colourful handset options

Nokia has released a new ad for its Lumia line-up that attacks Apple for only offering its iPhone in two colours.

The animated commercial starts off in a grey, uninviting city and soon focuses its attention on a line of similarly dressed people lined up outside what appears to be an Apple Store. They robotically inch their way forward in the hopes of snagging an iPhone 5.

One person in line, however, dares to ask the Apple employee at the counter if the iPhone comes in any other colours than black or white, prompting outrage from the Apple fanboys in line.

His request, however, seemingly unleashes a Nokia disco of sorts, as coloured lights descend from the ceiling and colourfully dressed characters emerge from the shadows and obscure the monochromatic Apple fans. Panning up to the skyline, a bright yellow Lumia smartphone appears next to the "This is Lumia" tagline.

In early September, Nokia unveiled the Lumia 920 and the Lumia 820, both of which will run Windows Phone 8. Execs talked up the "colors that won't scratch off" on the Lumia 920, as well as switchable back panels on the Lumia 820 in red, yellow, grey, white, black, cyan, or purple. For more, see ITProPortal's Lumia 920 vs Lumia 820 specs comparison.

Nokia and Microsoft have a lot riding on the upcoming crop of Windows Phone 8-based devices. Both are riding an uphill battle against Apple, which just released the iPhone 5, and Samsung, which is still seeing brisk sales of the Galaxy S3 despite the iPhone 5 launch. Windows Phone devices, in general, have received good reviews, but consumers have thus far been hesitant to drop their Android or iOS devices for a Windows smartphone.

Is colour enough to draw them in? It seems to be a pretty thin argument, but then again, people did have a minor freakout leading up to the launch of the white iPhone, and other phone manufacturers and carriers have made big deals about the launches of their red, pink, or other coloured smartphones. So who knows?

Nokia, of course, is not the only company to target the iPhone in its ad campaigns. Samsung has released several commercials over the years that poke fun at Apple fans who wait in line for days for a device that Samsung considers to be inferior to its own Galaxy handsets.