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Specs of ZTE Firefox OS smartphone appear online

Chinese manufacturer ZTE will apparently launch a smartphone based on Mozilla’s Firefox OS (otherwise known as Boot to Gecko) early next year, one which may use the same hardware template as the Android-based V788D.

The latter has a 3.5in display with a 800 x 480 pixel resolution, with 512MB of RAM, a 5-megapixel rear camera and a 1.5GHz system-on-chip, possibly one from a Chinese semiconductor vendor like Mediatek.

Rumours also point out that Mozilla and ZTE, which appears to be a lead partner, have already seeded developers with prototypes to be used. Firefox OS is a HTML-5 based mobile platform which, in theory, is significantly less power hungry compared to other environments like iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The stranglehold Samsung has on the Android smartphone market, the numerous legal issues that Google’s mobile ecosystem has encountered (both from Apple and Microsoft) and the domination of Apple’s iOS platform have opened a window of opportunity for smaller vendors, some of which, like HTC or Huawei, have not discarded the idea of another open smartphone platform.

That said, there is Tizen and Windows Phone 8 which may well end up dividing the market even further, making significant inroads from another player extremely difficult.

Source: Gizchina

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