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Finnish firm Jolla to show off MeeGo-based 'Sailfish' platform in November

Since making its first sales deal in July, Jolla has remained quiet about the details of its first product. But the Finnish mobile company today said that its MeeGo-based OS will makes it debut next month in Helsinki.

The new Jolla smartphone user interface and SDK details will be unveiled at the Slush start-up conference in Finland on 21 - 22 November.

"I'm thrilled to finally be able to show the user interface we have been working on," Jolla CEO Jussi Hurmola said in a statement. "It will be exciting to open the developer story with SDK and applications to the public."

The company's "Sailfish" OS will be ready for licensing by other device manufacturers, design houses, and service companies in spring 2013. Jolla said it will publish the device information, ID and expected availability before Christmas.

Jolla has been working since late 2011 to create a new smartphone and operating system, which is based on the quickly retired MeeGo OS. A product of Intel and Nokia's merged Moblin and Maemo platforms, MeeGo was pushed forward by Intel last year, after Nokia turned its back to pursue a relationship with Microsoft and its Windows Phone 7 OS. Intel began shipping MeeGo-based N9 devices in the fall, but gave up shortly after.

Over the summer, MeeGo was reborn as Jolla with the help of ex-Nokia employees and MeeGo developers. Jolla later signed its first sales deal with China's largest smartphone retail chain, D.Phone, which will sell the Jolla phone in 2,000 of its stores.

While the Finnish firm has yet to reveal any of its smartphone secrets, reports in August pointed to Android app support and a device screen in excess of 3.5in. In order to avoid building its own app store, Jolla may simply latch on to existing technologies, like Android, Qt, and HTML5.