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Intel launches atom-based storage platform for the cloud

Intel has announced new storage platforms for small businesses and consumers built around low-power Atom chips and designed for cloud computing. The chip giant's storage solutions using the newly unveiled Atom D2500 and Atom D2550 processors are being utilised in new products from Asustor, QNAP, and Thecus, Intel said at a press event in San Francisco.

"Intel's next-generation Atom processor provides an ideal solution for powering intelligent storage system designs that will act as a personal cloud inside the office or home, and will deliver better ways to store and access data. With a range of systems designers on board, the Intel Atom processor-based storage solution raises the bar in how data is stored, managed and shared," Intel Storage Division general manager David Tuhy said.

The company is billing these platforms as a way for small businesses to "manage the rapid increase in data." Atom-based storage systems have multimedia capabilities, can be used for backup, and support Intel's own McAfee AV SDK and VirusScan. Storage devices based on the new platform could be used to share content via a personal cloud accessible on any number of devices, from smartphones to laptops, the company added.

Use cases might include attaching up to two monitors and up to four cameras to an Atom-based storage unit as part of a business's video surveillance system, Intel said, or using one to serve as on-site storage and data access hubs in an office or retail setting. The chip giant said Mpstor and Dane-Elec have built "optimized storage stacks" for SMBs.

Some of Intel's partners, like Thecus, are also targeting consumers with Atom-based NAS devices for multimedia sharing.

"The Intel Atom processor D2550's value is its unique combination of performance and graphics capabilities. By pairing with local display and HDMI output, Thecus adopts this technology to empower an entertainment powerhouse for an unparalleled theater experience," Thecus general manager Florence Shih said in a statement.