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Nokia Lumia 510 handset appears online

Nokia is expected to launch a new Windows Phone handset, the Lumia 510, one which is likely to replace the Lumia 610 at the lowest end of the Lumia range.

According to GSMArena, the device comes with a 4in display, possibly with a 800 x 480 resolution, 4GB internal memory and 256MB of RAM which rules out Windows Phone 8 and almost certainly means that Windows Phone 7.8 will run on it.

Expect the Lumia 510 to cost around £150 and to launch in China first possibly in early 2013 with Mobile World Congress being the likely event. A picture published by the mobile website shows a rather elegant handset with the same rounded design as the Lumia 610 plus dedicated Windows button.

Nokia launched the Lumia range last year and has in total six handsets in its portfolio aimed at every segment of the market and costing as little as £100. The Lumia 800 is actually the best value Windows Phone smartphone on the market at £150 at O2.

It will receive Windows Phone 7.8 and the fact that it has ample storage capacity (16GB), a zippy 1.4GHz system-on-chip and front facing camera means that it should be a viable candidate for anyone looking for an entry level handset.

Source: GSMArena

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