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Street View now on iOS 6 after Google Maps update

Google's Street View is now available on iOS 6 devices - sort of.

An update to the mobile browser version of Google Maps now includes access to its 360-degree, street-level images on iOS 6 gadgets. But the option is not as full-featured as it was in the Google Maps app that was previously baked into iOS.

Initially, Street View imagery appeared to only be available for designated businesses, transit stops, or other points of interest on Google Maps, but checking back, it appears to be available for residential addresses, too.

Though the option takes a few more taps than the original Google Maps app, it's nice to have the option to tap into Street View at least in some capacity until a formal Google Maps app is added to the App Store.

To view Street View on iOS 6, search for your desired address within Google Maps on the browser. A bar on the bottom of the screen with information about the locale should appear. Tap the person icon on the far right of that bar and a new tab with Street View imagery should appear. Some locations were more temperamental than others.

Google has thus far been coy about whether it will develop a Google Maps app for iOS. Google Maps was pre-loaded on all iOS devices since 2007, but Apple recently ditched it in favor of its own mapping solution.

That app, however, proved to be less than stellar, prompting complaints and eventually, an apology from Apple.

At this point, about 60 per cent of iOS users in Canada and the U.S. are currently using iOS 6, according to recent stats.