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Windows 8 & RT tablet shipments to surge to around 75m by 2015

Windows 8 and Windows RT will be unveiled on 25 October, in an event that will be more significant than the one held for the release of Windows 7, for both the industry and for Microsoft, according to a research paper published by Digitimes.

Rather than being a kneejerk response to the growing threat of Android and iOS platforms, Digitimes’ James Wang and Eric Lin reckon that the launch of Microsoft’s new OS “marks the opening salvo in the battle for users between PCs and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets”.

According to the Taipei-based company, the market share of Windows-based tablets will grow from nil in 2012 to around eight per cent by 2015, with shipments shooting from almost zero to around 75 million over the same period.

The report also suggests that Microsoft will launch a simplified version of Windows Phone 7 aimed at the sub-$100 market (below £70). Current discounted/clearance Windows Phone smartphones are available for around £100 on PAYG.

Windows 8 will also cause the number of Ultrabooks and hybrid devices to increase tremendously, with SSD seeking an increased penetration rate.

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