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YouTube to launch 60 original channels

YouTube is planning to enter the arena of content production by launching 60 new channels.

YouTube will be working alongside existing media personalities, companies, and those it refers to as “pioneers in online video” to bring a wide ranging selection of content. With 60 new channels geared at any audience member they can get to click play, the genres on offer are expected to be wide ranging, as YouTube - and to a more general extent Google - hope to provide a real alternative to more traditional TV viewing options.

To get a full list of channels that will be on offer visit the YouTube (opens in new tab) page.

For those of you fearing that programming will be solely catering to American tastes, YouTube will assuage such apprehensions as content providers will also be European and UK based.

(opens in new tab)UK audiences will be interested in domestically created shows like OnEarth by BBC or new comedy HuHa. Old television stalwarts will also be migrating to the web as Jamie Oliver will be making his presence felt on the food channel.

With the advent of internet television it comes at little surprise that YouTube has begun to to take ardent strides to establish itself as a fully fledged media company. With channels like 'Wigs' (opens in new tab) already showcasing YouTube’s ability to provide content, expect to see other web-based video providers take advantage of the growing homogeneity between internet and television.

No official launch date has been issued with YouTube only tentatively stating that more news would be released over “the coming months”.