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Dixons Retail kills off, redirects website to

Dixons Retail has chosen to kill one of the most iconic technology retail brands in the UK, Dixons.

As exclusively reported by last week, Dixons Retail has been quietly preparing for the death of Dixons with subtle measures like pointing out the "exclusive" discounts offered on to frequenters of the Dixons site.

Now, online shoppers no longer have a choice, with punters looking for automatically redirected to (see picture, top) and pointed towards the raft of deals offered by the newly merged shopping portal.

The brand – which started life back in 1937 as a Southend-based photographic studio - will remain in UK airports and the parent company will still be known as Dixons Retail, but other than that it's well and truly through the death throes.

A source at Dixons Retail confirmed that Currys and PC World are unlikely to merge as they attract “different demographics,” although buying and marketing for the two operations is unified.

Dixons Retail’s decision to kill Dixons is almost certainly a common-sense cost cutting one. The brand disappeared from high streets back in 2006 and all the other Dixons Retails's-owned brick-and-mortar stores have since been renamed.

Squeezed on one side by the likes of Asda, Argos, and Tesco and on the other side by online-only behemoths like Dabs, Amazon and Ebuyer, high street electrical retailers are having a hard time indeed at the moment.

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